Automatic Garage Door Opener

Automatic garage door openers are extremely powerful, so powerful in fact as to be deadly to anyone struck or trapped by a closing door.

Garage door openers are particularly dangerous to young children. You can safeguard your children with a few simple precautions:

Precautions To Take

    * Read and follow all manufacturers' instructions.
    * Operate the remote control only when you can see the garage door and there are no children around.
    * Test the auto-reverse safety mechanism at least once a month. Repair faulty mechanisms at once.
    * Keep the remote control up and out of your child's reach.
    * Wall controls must be installed at least 1.53 metres or 5 feet off the ground to keep them safe from little hands.
    * Teach your children the dangers of automatic garage doors - especially playing "chicken" or trying to slide under the door before it closes.
    * Keep the emergency release mechanism where you can find it fast. Know how to use it.
    * Examine the equipment regularly for signs of wear. Have all repair work done by a professional.