Preventing Poisoning

Of the thousands of poisonings reported to the Poison Control Center each year, the majority involve children under four.  As with many accidents, poisoning can be prevented. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your children safe from accidental poisoning.

Precautions To Take

    * Store all medicines, chemicals and cleaners out of your child's reach and locked up.     
    * Keep chemicals or cleaners in their original containers and do not remove or abstract their labels.
    * Purchase products that have safety or child resistant caps.  Make sure these caps are in working order.
    * Always replace the lid before you put the container down.  Make sure the lid is on tight.
    * Never let children play with empty chemical, medicine or cleanser containers.
    * Teach your children the dangers of these products.  Show them the symbols and explain their meaning.
    * Keep the number for the Poison Control Centre by the telephone, In the event of an accident, call the center or your local hospital immediately.  Have the container with you. 
      Follow their advice.

From: Safety Tip of the Month Cards, published by About Child Care Consumer Services.