Water Safety

From the bathtub to the backyard pool and from the beach to the dockside, children need to be properly supervised around water. Many children have drowned in as little as two inches of water. Here are some guidelines to help you keep your children safe this summer.

How To Stay Safe

    * Make pool rules simple but clear, i.e.: no dunking, running around the pool, pushing, diving, or going down head first on the water slide.
    * Keep a cordless telephone outside.
    * Keep toys away from the pool area to prevent children from playing too closely to the water.
    * Ensure family pools are secured by a fence of at least 4 feet, and that latches are too high for a child to reach.
    * Keep furniture away from the pool to prevent the child from climbing in.
    * Have a life preserver, rope, and rescue pole at pool side.
    * Take a first aid and CPR course. Make sure your provider's is up-to-date.
    * Ensure pool chemicals are up and out of harm's way.
    * Do a safety check of your provider's back yard and pool area using the above.