Top 6 Fun Yoga Poses for Kids

Many parents already use yoga to help ease stress and tension, along with improving concentration and their overall health. The various postures gently stretch tight muscles and tendons, and the relaxing breathing and meditation exercises can help busy parents enjoy less stress in their lives.

Improves concentration and self-esteem

What parents might not be aware of is that the yoga poses that help keep them mentally and physically healthy, can have the same benefits on their children. Studies have shown that yoga can help children develop motor skills and improve concentration, along with helping to boost their self-esteem.

All of these benefits will help your children develop into happy and healthy teenagers and adults later in life.

1. Mountain Pose

Easy for toddlers and kids just starting yoga, this basic pose is also used as a starting point in other exercises. It not only helps to improve posture and strengthen muscles, this pose can also help alleviate some of the pain associated with flat feet.

* Have your child stand straight with the tops of their feet touching.

* Gently move back and forth (side to side) for a few seconds and then stop with your body weight balanced on your feet.

* With your shoulders pressed back, and arms hanging at your sides, slowly lift your knee while holding in your abdomen.

* Take several deep breaths and then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

2. Monkey Movement

This fun and easy yoga pose will have your kids giggling while improving their balance, and strengthening leg muscles. It will also help stretch the muscles and tendons in their arms, and can help ease what is typical termed "growing pains."

To help your kids experience all of the benefits encourage them to sound and swing their arms like a monkey.

* Starting in the standard "mountain pose" jump and land with your legs slightly spread.

* Deeply inhale while bending your knees, and exhale as you begin to stand back up.

* With each movement you want to swing your arms to the opposite side of your body, repeating several times.

3. Snake Pose (Locust Pose)

Relieve stress and anxiety, improve posture, and strengthen your child's spine with this stretching exercise that can also ease some symptoms associated with asthma. Popular with adults and children, this yoga pose is perfect for families to practice together.

* Hissing like a snake during this exercise will help regulate breathing as you lie on your belly.

* Keeping your abdomen on the floor, raise your head, shoulders, arms and legs.

* Hold the position for a few seconds, while staring forwards and slowly relax and repeat

4. Giraffe Pose

Kids love imitating their favorite animals, and pretending to be a giraffe is an excellent way to improve your child's balance and coordination. This yoga pose also helps strengthen growing bones, along with easing tension in the upper arms and chest area.

* Starting in the "table pose" you want to extend one arm up above your head, with your fingers spread out.

* Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat with the other arm.

* Repeat this fun pose several times while also working on taking deep, relaxing breaths.

5. Airplane Pose

Kids love this yoga pose that lets them pretend to be airplanes, and it is also an excellent way to improve their balance and coordination. This exercise can also strengthen growing muscles and bones, along with improving concentration.

Making airplane noises can help regulate breathing, along with making yoga fun for energetic toddlers.

* Starting in the "mountain pose" you want to extend your arms fully out to the sides.

* Lean slightly forward and lift one leg behind you, holding it straight and away from your body.

* Hold the position for a few seconds and then repeat with your other leg.

6. Tree Pose

Even active toddlers will stand still and pretend to be a tree, and this fun yoga pose will help improve concentration and balance, along with strengthening growing bones and muscles. This relaxing pose also helps to stretch out tight muscles and tendons in the legs and chest, and can also help to improve posture.

* In the "mountain pose" you want to start by stretching your arms out and up.

* With the right foot lifted slightly, rest it above or below your knee and press your hands together.

* Slowly raise your pressed hands over your head and hold the position while looking up.

* Repeat the same steps with your other leg.

Healthy fun for the whole family

Yoga can be just as beneficial to kids as it is for adults. It can help your toddler develop into a healthy and confident adult, and studies show that children who practice yoga also have better grades in school.

Yoga can also help your child have more confidence during the difficult teenage years. Yoga is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in to improve their health, and bring them closer together.


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