Cooking & Learning Together

Despite the mess, aggrivation and mayhem, cooking with children can actually be a pleasurable and a learning experience. All it takes is a little pre-planning and some simple recipes (you can find lots at your local library). The fact is, cooking helps children develop language, social, sensori-motor, and math skills. They also learn a great deal about science and nutrition. Here's a quick breakdown of the skills children develop while cooking in the kitchen.


    * learning about the Canada Food Guide
    * the value of a healthy meal or snack
    * the fun in trying new and unusual foods

Language Skills

    * reading recipes
    * building vocabulary skills
    * following written and verbal instructions


    * how food changes from one state to another
    * the different physical properties of food
    * food and temperature changes

Social Skills

    * getting along and working cooperatively with others taking turns, sharing
    * respect for other's work
    * trying new experiences
    * a feeling of accomplishment

Sensori-Motor Development

    * touch and food texture and size
    * taste and smell
    * sight and food appearance
    * muscle coordination, chopping, stirring, kneading, mixing


    * measuring
    * numbers and fractions